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What RunnersQuilts Customers Are Saying

"Thank you so much for creating a great TV quilt out of my T-shirts from veterinary school. I get lots of compliments on it and get to relive my school days by telling a story about each square on the quilt."
"Ann did a creative job of piecing together fronts and backs of my shirts into a beautiful quilt. It will be a treasured memento of many happy memories."
We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our quilt of many T-shirts! It is like having many memories stored in one place and has become quite a conversation piece when we have guests in our home. Thank you!
I love my RunnersQuilt! No longer are my favorite race T-shirts hidden in a drawer, but proudly on display on my quilt. The quilt engages non-runners as well as runners when the stories behind the races are told. Id like to have a couple more with certain themes, such as all of my out-of-state marathons. Your imagination is your only limitation!
The quilt that Ann made as our wedding gift holds fond memories of warmth and great times. We will cherish this gift forever, as its a quilt made of happiness.
I just love having my RunnersQuilt to hold all my running memories. This put all my running T-shirts to great use instead of taking up room in my closet. Thanks, Ann, for this great quilt.
To see some of the various T-shirt artwork I have done all together on a quilt is really cool. I have shown my T-shirt quilt to a lot of people who have just raved about itIt is a groovy way to recycle ones T-shirts and the memories they hold. Thank you, Ann, for my RunnersQuilt!
(Note: Kurt is the talented artist who created all the Arlington Winter Run shirts over the years, among many other designs.)
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